Age 752, January

World Martial Arts Tournament


The World Martial Arts Tournament will begin taking competitors tomorrow evening around 6PM CST. During this time players can enter the world martial arts super thread and begin taking part in the festivities along with signing up for the tournament. The tournament only has 16 slots available and are given on a first come first served basis. Keep in mind that like any martial arts tournament there are rules that must be followed:

  • No killing or dismemberment.
  • A character who is KOed loses the match.
  • There is no resting between matches.
  • Items are allowed.
  • Transformations are not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to steal from another character.
  • You can not enter another match or provide help to another character if you weren't assigned to that match-up.
  • Characters who do not follow the rules will be subject to disqualification.

Posted by Aiko Tanaka @Jul 15 3:47 PM

Patch 1.2.12 Changelog
  • The Saiyan exclusive quest "False Moon" is now available on all planets.
  • Planet Plant has been added along with Tuffle exclusive quests.
  • The bug that caused page numbers to display incorrectly on thread lists has been fixed. You can now navigate to other pages and read older threads as intended.
  • The XP bug related to quests should be fixed now.
  • In order to accomidate the increase in damage from transformations, all transformations now increase endurance as well. This does not work on transformations active before this patch. In order to take advantage of this buff to transformations, players will need to revert and transform again.
  • The bug that caused quest skills to take up skill slots has been fixed.

Posted by Kyuukei @Jul 15 2:54 PM

Patch 1.2.11 Changelog

- Role Play ratings now show one decimal character rather than several.
- The bug that erased replies whenever you submitted a post that didn't go through due to errors (such as not spending all your exp before hand) should be fixed now.
- The downtime activities page has been finished!

Posted by Aiko Tanaka @Jul 6 12:53 PM



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